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Are you planning to spend your holidays in Myanmar / Burma?

Are you looking for authentic vacation in a relaxing way of travelling?

Do you want to know more about this incredible country and its inhabitants?

As organizer/coordinator of your travel, I will provide you with an experienced English-speaking driver-guide, working under my supervision, if another customer already books me.

He will guide you through the Golden Land according to your wishes and will stay in contact with me during the whole trip.

I can also arrange for you special (private) boat trip from Mandalay to Bagan or other interesting journey, visiting typical villages to show you what is the natural and real living style of Burmese people in their daily life.

It is only when you will face the beauties of Myanmar that you will become aware of its extraordinary historical and cultural inheritance.



Meaning of travelling around Myanmar by private car with your own programme

When tourists have only one week to visit the country, and if they have a good budget, they should fly. When they have more time to spend in the country, four weeks for instance, and prefer cheap means of transport, they can travel by private buses.

But if they want a special programme that fit their own wishes and if they can spend an amount of money which is more than expenses on buses and less than air tickets, I would recommend you to visit Myanmar by private car because it is a very comfortable way of visiting the country.
During your journey in Myanmar, you will be travelling through country sides of great beauty, you will see paddy (rice) fields, duck farms, small pagodas, different kind of plantations, working villagers in their fields, national tribes, etc…

You can also have a chance to see some religious, traditional or cultural ceremonies. You can get in touch with native people; you can stop anywhere if you want to take beautiful pictures. It is also nice to make a break when you feel tired, and above all, being away from the traditional bus route.
Travelling by private car is more comfortable than by bus. Your guide/driver speaks English, knows all the places you want to visit can help you and share with you good information and his knowledge of the country.

If you want to do sightseeing, for example in the main cities like Yangon, Bagan or Mandalay, you already have a car at your disposal and your guide will drive you according to your wishes.
Travelling by plane to main places such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay will only give you a general overlooking of these cities. If you are taking the bus, you will see more places than going by air, but some very interesting natural or historic sites are hidden in the remotest parts of the country and can only be reached by private car.

That is why I recommend you to travel by private car. It is really the best way to enjoy your holidays without having to worry about logistic, such as finding nice and comfortable (suitable) hotel, bus or train stations, flight/boat booking, etc.

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 Per viaggiare all'interno del paese consiglio vivamente di utilizzare come mezzo di transporto l'auto con autista(in Myanmar e`impossibile affittare solamente la macchina): in primo luogo,perche' I trasporti pubblici sono decisamente lenti,e poi perche' in questo modo e`possibile visitare I post...

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