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Four ancient cities around Mandalay

Amarapura, with the U' Bein's wooden bridge which is made out teak and is 1.2 km long and the Mahagandhayong Kyaung, center for monastic study for several thousand young monks.

Inwa (Ava), this ancient city was the capital of a Burmese Kingdom between 1364 and 1841 date on which the shift was made to Amarapura. The Pali name of the city was Ratnapura (Yadanabon in Burmese), which means City of Gems.

Sagaing, was the capital of the independent Shan kingdom from 1315 to 1364, and later again from 1760 to 1764. Today it is a place mostly known as a religious centre with dozen of Buddhist monasteries and nunneries. In the Sagaing area there are some 600 Buddhist pagodas, temples and monasteries.

Mingun, is a pleasant and interesting trip with plenty to see a long the way.

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