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Yangon, formerly no more than a village or a small town called Dagon (1755), means literally "The End of Strife". Never regret to drop in to enjoy the visits of interesting themes like religious monuments, colonial architecture of old "Rangoon", zoological garden, Wildlife Park in Hlawga , Peoples' Park on Pyay Road, Bogyoke Aung San Market and the Kandawgy and Inya Lakes.

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Bago City

One of the ancient Mon capitals and the Kingdom of Second Myanmar Empire during the reign of King Bayintnaung in 16 century is far some 80 kilometres (one hour drive) to the East of Yangon. Bago is still covered with many historic buildings to draw the attention of large visitors annually.

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Inlay Lake

At 875 metres above sea level, Inlay Lake is surrounded by high hills, which keep the waters calm and the lake area misty. 22 km long and 11 km wide, Inle Lake is home to 70,000 Bamar, Danaw, Danu, Intha, Kayah, Pa-O, Shan, and Taung-yo peoples, among others - roughly half of the area's population. The water is covered with floating gardens and busy fishing canoes.

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Kalaw is a peaceful and quiet place situated in the West of the Shan State. A former colonial British hill station, this small-town offers cool temperatures (Kalaw sits at 1,300 meters elevation) and plenty of trekking opportunities. Travelling by car, it's about two hours west of Nyaungshwe on the western edge of the Shan hills.

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Pindaya caves

Pindaya is about 45 km drive from Kalaw. This city not only popular for its caves but also for its scenic road passing through Pa-O and Danu villages surrounded from fields of potatoes which grown in red mud mounds.

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Kak-Ku is located on the borderline of Shan and Pa-O region and is managed by a Pa-O collective. The land route from Inlay lake (Nyaung Shwe) to Kakku is 144 Km (three hours drive), and most part of the road is well paved and tarred. There is a railway line between Taungyi and Kakku constructed by the government in 1996 but foreigners aren't allowed to take public transport to the site.

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Mandalay is situated 600 km North from Yangon and was named after the Mandalay Hill, which is situated at the northeast corner of the present city. It is the historical old capital of Myanmar, culture, Buddhist Sasana and Myanmar traditional arts and crafts.

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Around Mandalay

Pyin U Lwin (renamed Maymyo in 1887 to pay tribute to a British colonel named May) lies 67 km east from Madalay, at 1070 m. There are several natural attractions around Pyin U Lwin and many colonial buildings. Beside these, it is also pleasant cool and the air is fresh.

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Four ancient cities around Mandalay

Amarapura, with the U' Bein's wooden bridge which is made out teak and is 1.2 km long and the Mahagandhayong Kyaung, center for monastic study for several thousand young monks.

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Mont Popa

Mont Popa is a volcanic cone rising to 737 m from the flat (1518 m sea level). At the top is the Popa Taungkalat, famously confused with Mt Popa itself. The Popa Taungkalat is the favoured home of the 37 Burmese nats (animist spirit entities). Popa is the center of the most important nat worship in Myanmar and as such the most powerful centre.

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Bagan is the most extraordinary sight in Myanmar dotted with thousand of 800-year old Pagodas and Temples spread all over the place stretching along the Ayeyarwady River. Some of them with beautiful mural paintings.
The archaeological zone is situated in Old Bagan, which sits on the eastern bank of a deep bend of the Ayeyarwaddy River. The villages of Myinkaba, Bagan Myothit and Thiripyitsaya are known from the tourists as part of Bagan.

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Pyay City

Pyay (Prome or Pyi) is best known for the nearby archaeological site of Sri Ksetra (3rd to 4th century AD) known as Thaye Khittaya today. It is an important trading centre between Lower and Upper Myanmar. Pyay in Myanmar language means nation or country. It is located on the riverbank of the Ayeyarwaddy River, 7 hours North from Yangon. According to legend our country starts from this city. There is one railway line from Yangon to Pyay, which is the very first railway line in Myanmar built by the British

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Kyaik - Hti-Yoe (Golden Rock)

The Kyaik Hti Yoe Pagoda is also known as the Golden Rock. It is the largest domestic tourism centre located about 140 km east (5 hours drive) from Yangon. The Golden Rock is a sacred, massive, gold-leafed boulder resting precariously on the edge of a cliff at the top of Mount Kyaik Hti Yoe. The hill lies about 1100 m above the sea level. The legend says that the balance of the rock is due to a Buddha's hair specially placed in the stupa.

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